In an effort to share with women the experience of a boudoir photoshoot I am addressing some of the most common questions I hear from clients.  Today I’m merging the “what to wear for my boudoir photoshoot?” question with the another popular concern I hear: “Will I look good in lingerie on camera?” In short, the answer is… yes!

In addition to choosing a photographer who knows what they are doing, has experience with boudoir photoshoots and a location where you feel safe and comfortable is applying these pointers in choosing outfits that you will look good in.  I previously posted about ideas of what to wear for your boudoir photoshoot so this post will break it down further and explain how to pick lingerie that will look great on you (and it has nothing to do with your body shape/size, etc.).

Here are my top three rules to looking good in lingerie, on camera:


1. Stick to your style. When you think ‘boudoir’ you probably think lingerie, strappy black and lace, right? Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it agin…. Boudoir photography isn’t about the lingerie, it’s about you. No matter what you’re wearing if you have the right mind set you’ll take images that are sexy and beautiful.  Because of this, I always recommend that you stick to your own style… if you’ve never worn a garter belt and stocking and have no interest to, then leave them on the shelf. Pack your bag with items that reflect who you are.  I have had numerous women come into the studio with nothing but cute tee shirts, bra and panty sets and a sports jersey.  Because that is them, it’s is what they wear, it’s their style. On the flip side, I also have women come in with all garter sets/teddys/playsuits, etc., because again… it’s their style.  Most often though, ladies bring a mix of both: Lots of cute outfits, tee shirts and boy shorts, pretty bra and panty sets, and one or two really sexy pieces they’ve invested in.


boudoir in salem mass


Boudoir photography isn’t about
the lingerie, it’s about you.

No matter what you’re wearing 
if you have the right mindset you’ll take
images that are sexy and beautiful.


I’m a firm believer of learning the rules, then breaking them… but for good reason and the exception to this first rule is: if you are intrigued by a new look you should absolutely try it on at the store … just don’t base your whole shoot around that new look. You don’t want to end up with an album full of images that don’t look like you. My advice, mix it up! Go to a lingerie store to try out all different options and styles to see what looks amazing on you and makes you feel super sexy, and most importantly, YOU!



2. Make sure everything fits you properly! Always try on your outfits before you come to the studio. Lingerie that fits perfectly is important for all body types and will look extremely flattering on camera.  My constant advice is to go to a lingerie shop where they have people working there who know how to properly fit you. A lingerie shop with employees who know their stock is important.  They will make suggestions that make sense for you, instead of just grabbing random items off the shelf.  I walked into Liz Steiner Lingerie in Marblehead and told Liz my style and walked out with a sexy nightie, a gorgeous bra and another one on special order (I wanted a particular color so she ordered it for me!). Ladies, don’t forget…if you book with me you get a special discount at the Liz Steinfeld lingerie shop and you get fitted by a professional. For my New Hampshire boudoir ladies, you’ll want to visit Top Drawer Boutique in Exeter or Bedford, New Hampshire. Just tell them you are one of my boudoir clients. If you like, I’m happy to come to any of these shops with you and help you pick items. Just let me know!

 A lingerie shop with employees
who know their stock is important.

They will make suggestions
that make sense for you,
instead of just grabbing
random items off the shelf.

Let’s break the rules again.  With this exception: you want one of your outfits to be your wedding lingerie from 1, 2, 10 years ago but it just doesn’t fit anymore. First off, don’t stress over that, it happens! Our bodies change over the years, as they are supposed to. Second, tell me if this is something you want to do. We can always get creative with how you wear the pieces and still take gorgeous and sexy images with them.


boudoir photoshoot wardrobe idea


3. Have fun. Yes, you see this written all over my site. Yes, I’m a broken record but if you’re having fun, you’ll take amazing images. Add in some sexy outfits + posing direction by me and you get sexy amazing images every time. It’s simple math 😉

“I loved today so much.
All of those pictures are perfect.
I’ve never seen myself like that and
just wanted to sit there forever
and click through them.”

Exception for this rule: there is no exception for this rule. You and I will spend a lot of time getting to know one another, via email, phone or in person so that on the day of the shoot you know what is going to happen, you will already have your outfits picked out and so the only thing left for you to do is to relax, get pampered, and have a great time.





So there you have it… my top three rules for looking good in your lingerie: be you, try on your outfits and have fun.


Photographer in Salem Massachusetts

Ladies, if you’re booked with me but unsure about your outfits, lets make some time to meet in the studio before your shoot and we can go over your outfits together. This is a great way to get to know one another and to review outfit ideas. Plus you get a preview of the studio and get to check out some of the amazing albums and wall art available to you.  I’m here to make the process easy and fun so on the day of your shoot you are stress-free and ready to have a great time!





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