As a boudoir photographer, the single most frequently asked question I get is:
What do I wear for my boudoir photoshoot?

When you think of a boudoir outfit, you probably think lingerie, and while lingerie is beautiful the key to choosing your pieces for your photoshoot is to remember that it needs to reflect your style. If you won’t wear it after the your shoot, even if only for special occasions, don’t buy it! It’s fun to try new outfits, explore styles, and step a little outside your comfort zone, but your boudoir images are about YOU. If you have never worn garters and stockings, and probably never will – skip them! There are plenty of other outfits you can wear for your boudoir photoshoot.  KEY POINT: you probably have everything you need for your shoot already. Want to spoil yourself with new outfits? Great! You totally don’t need to though.

Here are my outfit suggestions for your boudoir photoshoot:

BODYSUITS & SWIMSUITS: These are ideal for ladies who are looking to vamp it up as well as ladies who want to be a bit more conservative and cover up more. They are so versatile and there are so many styles out there! One of my favorite outfits from my own boudoir photoshoot was a long sleeve black bodysuit with fishnets (very similar to the outfit below). Plus, you can find some really great ones at very little cost. No need to break the bank!

Boston Boudoir Photographer Jess McDougall Creative


SPORTY & PLAYFUL: If sporty and playful is your style, bring in an outfit with your favorite team jersey, tee shirt and panties or a pair of colorful athletic socks (we can a bunch here at the studio you can use). You can wear the jersey or get really spicy and wear nothing with the jersey (this is referred to as implied nude and oftentimes you’ll be wearing panties if you’re not comfortable with being completely naked).

Best part of this bunch is you probably have a lot of these pieces at home already!

If your default setting is comfy, bring a cardigan or an oversized sweater, some cute panties, and a sexy pair of heels; a large men’s button up shirt or your favorite leather jacket + some boots. (FYI – we have this leather jacket and knee high boot here in the studio).


WHITE SHEET: So simple yet so beautiful!  Implied nudes using only a white sheet is probably the easiest part of your wardrobe for your photoshoot, and makes a sexy and beautiful addition to any album. For bridal boudoir ladies, the white sheet looks stunning with your wedding shoes, jewlery or garter.

Shoes! Love shoes? Great bring a bunch! Doing a bridal boudoir photoshoot? Bring your wedding shoes. Oh, you don’t own one pair of heels but would like to try them in a few shots to see how they look? No problem. We have black and nude stilettos for you to use in your shoot. I personally own ZERO pairs of stilettos so I totally get it if shoes aren’t your thing… there’s nothing wrong with barefoot! That’s what I did for my photoshoot. 🙂


LACE &  LINGERIE: Maybe you love lingerie or just have some really great bra + panty sets. Check your top drawer… I bet you’ve already got some pieces that will work great!  You can go for VAVAVOOM & DRAMA:



And then there are the GARTERS… we keep a few pairs of lacy garters here in the studio in case you want to try them on over your outfit. If you like them, great! If not, only takes a second to take them off.

Boston-Boudoir-Photographer-Jess-McDougall-Creative-Salem-7bridal boudoir wardrobe jess Mcdougall

(I love the look of garters without stockings!).



NUDES & BARELY THERE: You know your own level of comfort but don’t be too intimidated to step outside of your comfort zone a bit … challenge yourself! I can help you. By the end of the shoot you’ll be feeling the most comfortable and thats when we usually break out the racier outfits/ideas.


To take amazing photos you have to be having fun.
The more fun you are having at your shoot, the more confident you will feel,
and that will result in you looking and feeling, incredibly sexy.

Photo Apr 25, 6 19 34 PM

Finally, the most important wardrobe tip I can give you is that whatever you choose to wear has to fit properly. Ill-fitting outfits are unflattering and uncomfortable. When you book with me you’ll get access to my Private – Clients Only What to Wear blog post with much more information and links about all the various type of outfits you can wear for your shoot plus discounts with my favorite vendors… I’ll even come lingerie shopping with you if you are uncomfortable with the idea of going yourself. It’s all part of the Boudoir Experience and only one of the many services I offer to my clients.

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