This was my third time working with Fitness & Nutrition Coach Keri Mantie. The first photoshoot was done in my studio, the second at her home and here we are – back in the studio to create some updated Fitness Headshots for her to use in her business website and social media pages.  As usual, we had a great time working together and the images are so great!!

We started out with some fun window seat portraits because that light is soooo good! Plus, it’s a great way to work out your photoshoot nerves since it’s a bit more of a relaxed  and casual pose.  Then we moved into the hallway for something a little different.  If your building has it’s original marble stairs why not use them in your photoshoot?!

Salem Photographer Jess McDougall Creative

I always encourage that you bring outfits that are not just leggings & sports bras because it’s really important that you show your client a bit of your personality. Give ’em a glimpse of your personal style (plus it’s fun to wear autumn toned sequin tops!).

Salem Photographer Jess McDougall Creative

I had recently created a few new backdrops for the studio and we used them for two of her updated fitness headshot looks:

Chill: casual tank + jeans. Easy and casual, this look is great barefoot. We used her phone as a prop since it is a KEY tool of her business. And don’t forget to include serious images in your photoshoot. These are often great images to use for social media posts.

Updated Fitness Headshots

Cozy: oversized sweater and white jean vibes. Such a great color combination especially with that great leaf background. We did some standing poses here too but these seated ones were her final picks.

Fitness Headshots Jess McDougall Creative Salem 5

The first fitness photoshoot we did together captured some traditional fitness professional headshot looks and poses and this time she wanted the same vibe, only updated.

Updated Fitness Headshots

We also had some fun with action shots (I left the mirror in the image on the left so you can get a perspective of how high her jump was!). How amazing is this red/blue outfit?! I love a sporty pop of color!

Updated Fitness Headshots

And of course, no photoshoot is complete without an outtake <3

Fitness Photoshoot outtake

Keri has a successful business coaching women with fitness and nutrition, and for good reason. Her extensive knowledge and experience is key if  you’re looking results. I especially love her Busy Bells kettlebell programs. You can learn more about Keri and see more of our work together by visiting her website: .

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