I have been wanting to photograph Tiffany for a few years now.  Tiffany is a very talented and well known Spirit Medium who runs her own business and hosts her own talk show.  To top all that off… Tiffany is a sweetheart.  We had chatted about photoshoots on and off over the past few years but it wasn’t until  I opened up my Boudoir Studio in Salem that we finally had the opportunity to work together!

After a few conversations we decided on a spicy look for her photoshoot:

Leather jacket? Check.

Black lingerie ? Check.

Leopard print shoes and chaise? Double Check.

This was the first session that I was able to photograph a client my new leopard print chaise. It was the perfect piece for our Spicy Boudoir photoshoot and Tiffany sure knew how to work it! These photos show that you don’t have to bare everything to look sexy.  You can wear a long sleeve cardigan and a cute pair of panties and still look like a sex kitten.  It’s her attitude that’s the va-va-voom in these photos.

20140518-DSC_8544blog 20140518-DSC_8507blog


Later in the shoot we went back to basics with window light and the white wall.  Tiffany has the type of face that makes a photographer swoon …and girl, can you work it! When a fellow client saw these prints on my studio wall she said, “that girl looks like a bad-ass!” Which made me giggle because Tiffany is seriously the sweetest woman you ever met. Before our shoot she confessed to me that she lives in jeans and hoodies! I’m telling you… all you need is a little bit of dress-up and a sexy attitude and it can transform you for a few hours!  Makeup and hair was done by the amazing Shannon Rouvel, of course. She picked out the PERFECT lipstick for Tiffany. So much so that Tiffany went out and purchased it for herself the next day! #vivaglam


Finally at then end of the day we were full of laughs and had taken so many gorgeous boudoir photos so we ended the shoot with a more casual/fun look. Tiffany is single handedly bringing back the jean jacket with this look.

JMC tiff headshots

Thank you Tiffany for such a great day… your are beautiful, inside and out! xo


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