This gorgeous creature came in to do a pole fitness photoshoot recently and I loved AND RESONATED with her story and wanted to share it here, with you: Post-pandemic, looking for a way to workout she came across North Shore Pole Fitness. This type of class allowed her to socialize and interact but still keep 6′ of distance. She explained to me that she wasn’t a dancer and didn’t have much strength after sitting at home during the shutdown and was basically terrified at the idea of dancing at a pole fitness class YET SHE DID IT. She signed up, showed up and did the damn thing. Now, when she talks of her classes she glows with enjoyment and obvious pride.

pole fitness photoshoot

pole fitness photoshoot

I read in a “student of the month” post about her on the NSPF instagram page that she didn’t tell anyone that she was taking pole classes and she shied away from sexy poses and movement until she became comfortable with the idea. Now pole dancing is a big part of her life and fitness. Her confidence and her strength really shines in her self and her images. I loved being able to hear her story. If I had to use one word to describe her it would be powerful.

pole fitness photoshoot

pole fitness photoshoot

I am an introvert. The idea of dancing or any other fluid movement in front of others petrifies me and so her story really hit hard! For some people, signing up for a class is no big deal but for others it’s massive. If you fall into that category please know you’re not alone. I’ve had so many women in my studio tell me stories of activities, classes, etc. that were so intimidating to them but they busted up the courage an
d gave it a shot.  If there is something that intrigues, yet terrifies you, I say give it a try!  You just may fall in love with it! Maybe it’s a sexy pole fitness photoshoot 😉

Let’s talk outfits….

What to wear in your pole fitness photoshoot?

Whatever you damn well want. Always.

Here are some of my favorite sport/sexy looks: bodysuiit, briefs with sneakers and no top (or open leather jacket/sweatshirt/jean jacket), sneakers with anything (or nothing at all), high-waisted underwear over fishnets w/boots. As with any photoshoot with me I want you to thank outside the box: military boots/Docs, sneakers, no shoes at all, jackets & sweaters with a sexy panty, fishnets or leg warmers (or arm warmers), leotards… need ideas? Reach out to me and we’ll brainstorm! Have fun with this part – no stress!

bad ass fitness outfit

sporty fitness photos

sexy fitness photos

I hope this post has inspired to you to do something that scares you… whether it’s join a pole fitness class or do your own fitness or boudoir photoshoot. If it does, let me know how it goes!

fitness boudoir photoshoot



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