If you read Part I and Part II of this story then you know that now we’re getting to the fun part… the furniture!  My mother and I had been emailing furniture ideas back and forth. I knew I wanted a classic -but fun- couch; preferably a fainting couch.  Again, I went to Craigslist and again just about pulled out my hair with frustration.  Then I decided to do the legwork and hit the local consignment/antique shops in the area.  For this task my lovely mother joined me.  Our first stop was R&B Consignments on Rt 1A.  My mother suggested that we check the outside building first and there it was – the fainting couch I’ve been looking for! Sure, it was a pretty outdated fabric and there was a tear across the cushion but like the studio I knew it had good bones.  Here is the couch the day we found it:



I then contacted BJ’s Upholstery in Salem to inquire about getting it reupholstered.  Bessim came out to see the couch and gave me a very respectable quote. Later that day I picked out the fabric from their shop.  About three weeks later  it was finished and they dropped off what looked like a brand new piece!  They replaced all of the cushioning, reupholstered it with my custom chosen fabric and then swapped out the brass studs with fabric piping.  It’s amazing.  I’m in love with it. Check out this beauty:


Can’t you just see yourself draped over this couch in some beautiful lingerie?!

I also asked them to reupholster a family heirloom that I wanted to have in the studio:

Photo Apr 12, 2 35 26 PM

You do see a theme with my colors, right? 😉

I discovered at my last photoshoot that this chair looks really good on the dark side of the room (the black side of The Wall) and one light on the subject/chair. Very moody and sensual.  I also use it in this spot as a prop for the ladies to pose with.  Sometimes its easier to pose if you have something to rest your hands on or lean against.

In addition to these lovely pieces I also have a leopard print chaise (it’s my lounging chair when I’m in the studio writing blog posts) and a bed.  The bed was a piece my husband’s cousin had stored up in her attic. I love it… it’s got a traditional headboard with posts. Very classic.


I opted to freshen it up by painting it Harbor Grey. I was going to put a whitewash over it and go for a Shabby Chic look but I really liked the grey so that’s how I left it. 🙂

Photo May 06, 6 50 59 PM

The new bed, warmly lit by the early evening setting sun.

The rest of the furniture and pieces I will leave as a surprise for when you come in for your shoot.  Every piece was chosen solely for a an amazing Boudoir Experience.  Are you thinking about doing a boudoir photoshoot? Come on in for a free consultation and see all the beautiful pieces yourself!


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