My goal always is to build a community; whether that is in the photography studio or simply by staying in touch via newsletter. This newsletter will connect us and keep you updated with studio changes and special offerings. I’ll also share some of my favorite local products and business (not affiliates, just damn good stuff) as well as some personal insight and self-love/confidence building exercises.

Some of the topics shared will be:

  • Local business and products that I think everyone should know about
  • Tips and activities that will help boost your confidence and create more self-love in your life
  • Special photoshoot offers, including special sets and mini-shoots
  • Insight into my life and the things I love (be prepared for many PLANT things) 
  • New studio offerings, pricing changes, product additions

There is nothing more annoying than being inundated with emails after signing up for a newsletter so I’m taking a special effort to keep the newsletters minimal and chock full of good stuff.

Ready to join the fun?



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