Earlier this year I travelled to Austin Texas to vacation with one of my besties and to have MY OWN boudoir photoshoot experience! A few people have asked me to talk about what it was like on THAT side of the camera as well as a few other questions so I figured I’d write a blog post about it and show off some of my GORGEOUS photos OMG I LOVE THEM.

First question, whom did I shoot with? And why them?

I was photographed by the incomperable Kara Marie of Kara Marie Studios in Austin, Texas. Yes, I travelled all the way to fucking Texas, haha.

Shannon and I have been wanting to go on a fun trip and while we were trying to figure out where Kara posted that there were only a few spots left to book with her so I snagged one of them and Shannon and I started planning our trip! Austin is super fun, btw. Back to the WHY portion of this question…. Early last year I decided that I needed to do something to help keep me healthy -mentally and physically so I started working out again. I channeled all my negative energy into my workouts and not only was it an amazing form of therapy, but it also helped me build a more muscular body that I’ve been trying to build for years. Hello muscle gains!

In addition to celebrating the changes in my body I also knew that I would be shooting after the loss of my mother and my mind would be in a totally different, unknown place. I wanted there to be a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE to help propel me into/through the healing process.  After a hard couple of years I was feeling worn down, and quite frankly looking it too. I needed to be reminded that I was more than just a caretaker – that I was a vibrant, sexy and badass woman and while I can tell myself that until I’m blue in the face there is NOTHING like seeing a killer photo of yourself to boost your confidence.  This is why I chose to work with Kara.

I wanted a photographer who was experienced, who knew how to use light to really show off my body that I worked so hard for. I didn’t want to think about the poses or second guess the photographer so it had to be someone whose work represented what I was looking for.  I wanted to walk in, not as a photographer, but as a client. Kara was my first and last choice. She said, “twist this way” and “put this leg there…” and I did.
No questions asked.
Total trust.

I wanted to leave my photoshoot feeling the way my clients describe when they leave my studio. A boudoir photoshoot, when done right, will give you the biggest boost of confidence. You should feel elated and on top of the world. This is why you need to choose a photographer whose work you love and who is capable of helping you get to this elevated place. Someone you can trust. So yeah, I went to Texas for it (and quite possibly for the tequila too). I often have ladies from Baltimore, Connecticut and New York who come all the way to Salem, MA to shoot with me for that same reason. It may not be convenient – but if you’re going to do something, then DO IT dammit.

I left Kara’s studio walking on clouds and with my head held high! I was -and still am- so proud of myself for committing to this! It’s been a month since my shoot and I still feel sexy and badass and if I’m having a day where I’m down in the dumps I just swipe through my phone camera roll to view the images from my shoot and they always make me smile.

Did Shannon do your makeup?

Um, no. You guys know how m much I love Shannon Rouvel and she is my go-to makeup artist who I work with at almost every single shoot but I took my own advice and trusted the photographer to hire a makeup artist that was skilled, professional and who’s work she was familiar with. Just like I ask you guys to trust me with my makeup artist. I was nervous, I’m not going to lie, but Rachel Hill did an amazing job and was really pleasant to work with. If you’re in Texas and need a makeup artist, call her.

Why didn’t you do your own boudoir photos?

Because I wanted the experience. Plain and simple. I wanted to be the client, to be pampered and directed by someone else and to walk out of there feeling like a queen. Which I totes did. KARA IS A BADASS AND MASTER OF HER CRAFT. From the start to the reveal she was a total boss and I didn’t worry about one. damn. thing. Sometimes when doing my own self-portraits it almost feels like an assignment. They aren’t really for me, they are more to try out new poses or looks; which is …work. There is nothing like walking out of your boudoir photoshoot feeling like a million bucks. That confident and beautiful feeling STAYS WITH YOU and that’s what I wanted AND TOTALLY STILL HAVE WITH ME TODAY.

How did you choose your outfits?

Outfit selection – as happy as I was with all my gains in my back, shoulders, legs and booty, my mid-section has been stubborn about losing fat so I decided to focus on all the things I really liked and pretty much ignore the part I wasn’t (yet) crazy about. I am a firm believer that you can love yourself even though you may not love certain things about yourself. I think it’s unreasonable to imply that we should love EVERY. SINGLE. THING. because hardly anyone does and then you’re left with this feeling of guilt because you’re not being 100% ‘body-positive’ or whatever. Know what? I’m awesome. I’m great at what I do. I’m proud of who I am. I just don’t happen to love my belly fat. Big deal. Oh, wait… we were talking about outfits, weren’t we? The outfits that I felt sexy in were:

Bodysuit + fishnets (bodysuits and birthday suits are must haves for boudoir, in my opinion).
Flowy open back yoga top (purple) with panties
Chemise with modern geometric neckline
Crop top (!) with high waisted briefs (I was super nervous about the crop top but I love it!!!)

Yes, my look was sporty! And simple. I say this to every woman who books with me: STICK TO YOUR STYLE. Want to take risk and step outside your box for one outfit – great! but the majority of the outfits should look like you. Push yourself but make sure you are true to yourself. My outfits were selected on my style and what my goal for my shoot was (show off my muscles… is this getting redundant? haha sorry I love’ em). For me, the crop top look was the risky/out of my comfort zone push. Another point about my outfits… I had most of these pieces already and only had to purchase one pair of panties, the fishnets and the bodysuit. I think I spent $70? Outfits are supplemental – they accent YOU. Don’t overthink it. You do not need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe (unless you want to!).

I’m pretty sure I yelled “LOOK AT MY BUTT!” to Kara a few times during my online photo reveal, haha. She’s probably used to that though. 🙂

While I am super excited to show off my images I have chosen to keep some of them private. Maybe I’ll share them at a later date but for now, my very favorites I’m keeping just for me.

Kara – thank you SO VERY MUCH to you and your team for making this process easy and for reminding me that I am SEXY and BADASS and for using your amazing skill to make me feel ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and FEMININE again.






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