Ms. J contacted me about doing a Maxim magazine style boudoir photoshoot.  When I first started studying photography -and then working with fitness clients- I studied the models (both men and women) and how they were posed in these types of magazines.   So when she said Maxim I knew exactly what she wanted: Super sexy poses, big eyelashes, black lace lingerie and bathing suits.  Yup, bathing suits!




For me, boudoir photography isn’t so much about lingerie and bedrooms as it is about stepping outside your comfort zone and being photographed while trying something new and exciting. Doing something that you find sexy, no matter what you’re wearing. Whether it’s a bathing suit or nothing but a necklace.. it’s all about attitude.


I try to include a variety of looks for each photoshoot so we rounded it out with some sweet and colorful shots too. Posing can be simple if you have someone to guide you.  A little pop of a hip or shake of the head can make the most simple of outfits look amazingly sexy. Clearly, Ms. J was a quick learner 😉



Of course, gorgeous lingerie certainly doesn’t hurt. For her third outfit Ms. J donned a studding black lace teddy and a pair of super sexy shoes from the JMC Studio shoe collection.  Clearly, she is a perfect model for my couch. As one of the first ladies to pose on it we had a lot of fun trying out the different poses to see which looked best.  I love how comfortable and at ease she is in these images.  And look at those legs!

20140615-DSC_9776blog copy 20140615-DSC_9785blog copy boudoir-jewelry

Ms. J, you are stunning and I can’t thank you enough for choosing me as your boudoir photographer and for allowing me to share your beautiful images. Enjoy your album!!

xoxo Jess


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