Maternity boudoir is a wonderful way to celebrate YOU and your AMAZING BODY. Ladies who visited my studio for their Grooms gift often come back years later for a maternity photoshoot. Like the Boudoir Experience, we will customize your Maternity Experience to reflect you. Some ladies decide to celebrate their new curves with fine art nudes and/or implied nudes. Some women decide to stay fully clothed… as I’ve said many times before … boudoir photography isn’t about the outfit – it’s about how YOU FEEL.

l I was lucky to work with this beautiful woman twice already. Once for her grooms gift and another time for a custom shoot to create wall art for her bedroom.  For this shoot we decided to celebrate her and her BABY BUMP… and her wonderful husband too! 

Like any boudoir shoot there are outfits available in the studio for you to wear and L chose to wear our pretty black lace dress to show off her beautiful curves.

Love and laughter. Seriously these two are going to be such amazing parents!!

Hair and makeup by the always amazing, Shannon Rouvel Makeup Artistry.

These two are just so gorgeous together. Even though I photographed L twice already this was her husband’s first time in front of my lens.

He killed it.

They’re both naturals, obvs.

…when you’re fit and want to kiss your wife. 😉

…and because these two are such fun to work with they also allowed me to shoot a few rolls of film during their photoshoot. I used my Pentax 645 with Fuji 400 film and my trusty old 35mm loaded with Kodak Tri-X400. All film scanned by The Find Lab.

Lady, you are a stunning momma-to-be!


Yessssssss, film grain I loveeeeee youuuuu!


..and as always when I shoot with film … double exposures! These came out ok. This is the first time I used the Pentax for double exposure so I’m happy enough with them. It’s always fun to play. Obviously, the baby’s name will be Liam 🙂

Thank you L & P for always being down for a fun day of shooting and for being an overall awesome, kickass, beautiful couple. I can’t wait to meet your little one!




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