Are you familiar with Jordan Syatt? No? Then you should get familiar.


In addition to being a record-holding power lifter, writing articles for well-known publications, creating programming for various clients (many of whom are trainers themselves), and his regular gig in New York working as Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal trainer Jordan has recently created a killer heavy lifting program called the  Inner Circle.


The Inner Circle features Jordan’s Power Building strength and nutrition program for that certain type of person who seriously wants to amp up their workout. Its about building strength that will have you deadlifting baby elephants and cranking out chin-ups with cars tied around your waist. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration but really though…  It’s the mack-daddy of bad ass strength training and metabolic conditioning.


Back in May Jordan reached out to me about capturing some images for his website and business. He was coming back to Boston from Israel for a week and we squeezed in some time for his shoot. I have worked with Jordan before and it was time to update his headshot. This time he wanted to get some more casual images along with the traditional headshots.


Jordan can often be found traveling around the country lecturing at gyms and renowned fitness facilities.  He is an excellent public speaker who clearly loves sharing what he knows with others in the fitness industry.


Not only is Jordan smart, but he’s friendly and fun to be around. I love being around happy people. You can see the happiness in their smile, its captured in their photographs… it radiates off them.  Jordan is no exception. It’s one thing to be a great trainer but it’s another to be a great trainer who clients actually want to be around. jordan-syatt-jess-mcdougall-fitness-headshot-photographer-dsc_3007

Jordan + coffee. It’s a love affair. Seriously, he always has a cup of coffee nearby so we photographed him that way! One of our goals of this shoot was to create images that looked like Jordan.

I’ve actually  known Jordan for quite a long time, probably since 2010? I’m terrible with dates. We only get to see each other every few years but I remember when I first met him thinking that he was a fun kid and with his level of enthusiasm he would go far in his career. Glad to know that I can get some predictions right, lol. In addition to being an incredible trainer Jordan has become a social media marketing guru and I’m thrilled to see my images keep popping up all over social media, helping spread his message and reaching potential new clients.


Knowing that I could supply him with additional tools to use for his business makes me feel incredibly accomplished in my role as his photographer.


If you would like to learn more about Jordan or possibly read up on one of his many articles, you can do so by visiting his website: Syatt Fitness, where you can also see his outdated headshots from our shoot a few years ago (ahem Jordan, get on that haha).

Never Minimal. Never Maximal.
Always Optimal.


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