Garter belts (or suspenders) are a classic boudoir photoshoot wardrobe staple! There are so many different styles and looks when it comes to these sexy accessories and they look good on just about every body. They fit all shapes, sizes, ages and can be paired up with a bra and panty set,  attached to  shapewear or bodysuit…  or you can wear them with nothing else. Garters can be paired up with traditional black stockings, white for bridal boudoir, nude for that classic look, solid black tights look really modern or go all out sexy with fishnets. The stockings you want to use with your garters are also known as “thigh highs” and have an elastic lace panel at the top of the stocking. It’s important that you try on your stockings to make sure you’ve purchased the correct size as a stocking that is too small will cause bulging on the thighs if the elastic panel is too tight. It’s better that your stockings are a bit too loose rather than too tight.

When buying your garter belt look for something with a design you like and straps/buttons that aren’t too small. I find that the really small ones tend to fall apart fast. Not sure how to attach the stockings to your garters? No problem, I’ll do that for ya (no really, let me help because it’s a pain in the booty to try and attach the straps that are in the back). Some ladies love to wear classic lingerie for their boudoir photoshoot while others want to try something a bit different, yet still have that sexy lingerie look… My suggestion to them is to bring a lingerie set with garters and leave the stockings at home (or bring them and try the outfit without the stockings first). Garters with no stockings is a sexy and playful way to wear your lingerie (and one of my favorite looks!)!

Not sure if the garters look is for you? No need to go out and purchase a set if you’re not sure. I keep a few different sets here in the studio that you can try on. Some are belts and some are bra/panty sets with garters attached to them. Try ’em on…  If you like it -we’ll photograph you in it. If not, then we just move on to the next outfit.

This is a traditional set from Victoria’s Secret. It had blush and nude tones and trimmed in white. Perfect for her coloring and her bridal boudoir look. She wore them with nude stockings then later took the stockings off for a fun and fresh look. I’ll post those images towards the bottom of this post.

Bra and panty set – strapless bras can be hard to pull off but she definitely rocked it. Don’t you just love a mirror shot?! DOUBLE TROUBLE.

what to wear for your boudoir photoshoot garter belt

salem lingerie boudoir

Yes, momma… work that window light! Remember, the lingerie is supplemental and only a small part that helps build up the image… the most important part is YOU.

boudoir photoshoot wardrobe idea

garter belts and what to wear for your photoshoot

Garter straps are super fun to play with and give you something to do with your hands. Oh, and when it comes to posing… I got you covered. I’ll show you how to do ALL OF THESE POSES.

Details, details details… fingertips on point, stilettos (from the studio), all black errything, gorgeous woman.

bridal boudoir wardrobe jess Mcdougall


boudoir in salem mass

There are also plenty of garter options if you are looking for more coverage.  I am a huge fan of bodysuits and shape wear with garters already attached to them. Try looking in the ‘shapewear’ section of your local lingerie shop for some really sexy pieces. I’ll be you’ll be surprised!

what to wear for your boudoir photoshoot Salem Ma

garter belt wardrobe boudoir

As always… if you have any questions or concerns about your boudoir photoshoot wardrobe feel free to reach out to me and I’ll help you plan your outfits. No matter what you wear (garters or not) you’re going to look AMAZING!

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