Need some Fun bridal boudoir outfits ideas for your photoshoot? This gorgeous North Shore bride chose some great pieces that really show off her spicy and fun personality! In addition to her amazing red lingerie look (complete with black lace garters!) she also included a traditional lace robe in a non-traditional color (black!).

Fun bridal boudoir outfits

A simple lace robe is SOOOO PERFECT for your bridal boudoir – but quite honestly, you don’t have to do a “bridal boudoir” photoshoot to wear these looks! You can wear then for any type of  boudoir session. Seriously, wear whatever makes you feel amazing and confident. Lingerie? PJ’s? White Sheet? TrackSuit?! No problem. Trust me you’re going to look amazing no matter what you wear.

Fun bridal boudoir outfits

Every Boudoir Experience comes with an unlimited number of outfits changes so in addition to your fun bridal boudoir outfits you can include a variety of other looks. For some brides, the classic white lace look is a must have. How amazing is her posing in her classic white lingerie?! I will always die over that back arch pose!!! She is a Pilates instructor and has great mobility so she really got that arch up high and is actually using her elbows and back of her head for an extra oooomph! So stunning! Also, that “peek” through her arms in the next picture is so steamy. Love it!

Yes! to the classic mirror shot. Need more fun bridal boudoir outfits? Stick with classic white lace but then add a sheer skirt or maybe some tulle! Gorgeous and classic! Plus, having the skirt as part of your outfit also gives you something to do with your hands. I’ll help you with posing the whole time and it’s fun to have a piece of clothing to create some movement.

That natural window light is soooo perfect for boudoir photography!

fun bridal boudoir outfits

Another look to add to your fun bridal boudoir outfits is something sporty. Boudoir doesn’t have to be all about lace and lingerie! I loved this sporty “Calvins” set that we did and she look amazing! First off, that corner of my studio played perfectly into her posing. If you’ve done a shoot with me then you probably know this pose and how ridiculous it feels when you do in but in the images it looks amazing!

Bridal boudoir Salem MA Bridal boudoir Salem MA

Now that you have seen some fun bridal boudoir outfits would you include any of them to your photoshoot? If so, give me a holler and we can set up a time to chat about outfit ideas for your own boudoir session!


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