Upon my photography journey I am often introduced to some really awesome people. Especially in the fitness community.  It’s through this wonderful  fitness community  that introduced me to Steve Bergeron of AMP Fitness in Boston.

Steve contacted me because he was moving into a new location and needed website images.  At the time of our first photoshoot planning meeting Steve was in the process of a complete business overhaul – new location, new website, more classes and training opportunities for his clients. The works!  We decided that I would photograph the new gym space to use as a website header and also shoot bio photos of him and his staff.

For the Bio photos we did the “typical” fitness trainer poses. People joke but hey … those poses look good! They look boss. Those poses say, “Look, I’m friendly – but also bad ass… Don’t you want to come to my gym and sweat your booty off?” Seriously though… they are a photogenic bunch.

Then we captured some “tutorial” images that Steve could use for stock. These images are shot on the white seamless and can be used for blog posts, articles or gym posters.




Steve has used our kettlebell swing stock series in a blog post titled, “3 Quick Tips to Perfect Your Kettlebell Swing – AMP Fitness” which is a great read you that should check out.

We also documented what it was like to workout with Steve and the AMP Fitness crew. These are a handful of loyal clients who were kind enough to let us photograph them while they went through their individually designed programs.

trap bar deadlift at AMP Fitness Boston



Postural integrity is important to Steve and so he starts all his clients out with a screening to pinpoint any issues that may impede their progress and adjusts their program accordingly.



“Our goal is to create a training environment where clients get individualized programming
and are inspired to have fun, be a part of a team and reach their true potential!”

— Steve Bergeron of AMP Fitness



Learn more by visiting the AMP Fitness website or stopping by 30 Court Street (right around the corner from the State Street Blue Line station!). Say hello to Steve and Lindsay and push the prowler for me 😉



Your website is often a potential client’s first impression of you. Enhance your website with images of you that show off your personality and skill. Personal Training is a personal business so it’s important that your images reflect you, who your are and what you represent. Are you ready to elevate your website and marketing? Contact me to book your own Fitness Photoshoot!


Jess McDougall is a Portrait Photographer who focuses on Fitness, Glamour and Boudoir photography and is available to work on location or at her portrait studio in Salem, MA.



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