One of the Boudoir options that I offer to my ladies are film sessions! Film session are a whole different animal than my regular boudoir sessions. They are perfect for ladies who want to get a bit creative or like that traditional classic look of images on film.

Boudoir Film Sessions by Jess McDougall Creative

As with all my boudoir sessions, you and I will discuss the various different looks you want to get out of your film boudoir session. Do you like deep shadows with lots of contrast? Or are you looking for bright and airy? This will hep me plan for your session and make sure i have the right film stock needed for that look.

These next two black and white images are great examples of high contrast and deep rich black tones and shadows:

dramatic images for boudoir film session


While these showcase a bright and airy look with low contrast.



…and because it’s FILM I like to get a bit creative at the end of the shoot and take some double exposure images. They are artistic and fun – one of my favorite film tricks. I create double exposures all the time with my personal film work.



Here is a triptych of the same image taken with digital, black and white film and color film. As you can see they are all beautiful images but each has it’s own special quality and certain looks will appeal to you more than others. Which of these appeals to you the most?

Black-and-white-boudoir-Photographer-Jess-McDougall-Creative-SalemDigital / B&W Film / Color Film



Ready to book your shoot or have a general comment or question for me? Get in touch via the form below, I’d love to hear from you.

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