I had met Lauren last year when she came in do create a stunning bridal boudoir album to gift to her (then) finance. We had such fun during that shoot and I will eventually blog about that session (even though it’s been over a year.. I’m terrible, I know).  Recently, Lauren decided to come back in and create some killer art specifically  for her bedroom wall. There is nothing more empowering than waking up every morning to be reminded of what a kickass gorgeous woman you are so I was thrilled to work with her on this.  After some discussion, we decided on a look and I created a set that would give us dramatic yet soft lighting to set the mood of the images. We tried various different poses and when we were done Lauren sat down and chose her favorite images.

salem boudoir photographer wall art


Artwork (like flowers in your garden) looks best in odd numbers, so a triptych of metal prints was what we decided to create.  After Lauren booked with me I had asked her to send me snapshots of the wall she was planning on hanging her artwork. On the day of her shoot, when she chose her favorite images I was able to create a mockups of how the images would look on her ACTUAL wall in a variety of sizes and aspects:


The mockups are so important because it’s hard to visualize how something will look once you introduce size and shapes and multiple images. For instance, you may think that you just want an 8×10 print for your wall but see that piece of paper there taped to the wall? Yup, that’s 8×10. After seeing the visuals, Lauren decided on one main piece and two accompanying pieces that were the same height, but smaller in width. Here is the mockup of the final choice which are 16×24 for the main piece on the left and 12×24 for the other two:

Here are the completed metal prints on my studio bed waiting for Lauren and her awesome husband to come see them for the first time:

salem boudoir photographer wall art metal print
(these two images of the metals on the bed were shot on film, hence the grain)

We opted to keep the metals modern looking and order them as “float” mounts; meaning they look like they float off the wall. Here are some phone snapshots sent to me by Lauren after she and her husband hung them on the bedroom wall. In the second snapshot you can see how the images float off the wall. Aren’t they gorgeous??? And they painted the wall special that color just for these pieces.


I looooove these images and seeing them in PRINT, BIG and hanging on her WALL makes me so happy! Thank you Lauren (and Pat!) for choosing me to help you create this amazing wall art and for being an overall kickass, fun couple!!


Creating wall art is simple and fun. There are so many different ways to create art (beauty, abstract, fine art nudes, anonymous, bodyscapes, etc.).
If you’re interested in creating your own art then reach out via the form at the bottom of this page and we can start talking about your own wall art session.


Ready to book your shoot or have a general comment or question for me? Get in touch via the form below, I’d love to hear from you.

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