My amazing client wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday with a boudoir photoshoot and to do it extra special by including her 1981 Corvette c3.

Now if you’re paying attention you’ll realize that her ‘vette is also 40 years old. She had always loved the corvette and gifted it to herself for her 40th birthday. The color is this badass dark blue with teal undertones. The “top” comes off and the lights pop up.

She chose to wear two outfits: a sport & sexy fun bikini and a casual jean shorts & tank, and she rocked both.

Shannon Rouvel was there for makeup and hair; of which we kept to a minimum. My client’s vision was to capture her + her birthday car and it was important that she looked like herself.

We had a great time bringing her vision to life and I loved getting out of the studio for a while.

This last image is my favorite of the set. I just love the vibe of calmness it gives, yet at the same time she looks so fierce .

I posted a fun Instagram reel with her images. If you’re on Insta you can see it here: CELEBRATING 1981


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