The idea of a Boudoir photoshoot can be a bit intimidating. It’s not often you strip down and have your photos taken by someone you barely know. I get it! To help you get a bit more comfortable with the idea I have compiled a list of the most common questions I have been asked over my many years in the boudoir business.



I want to do a Boudoir Photoshoot but I am too [insert the thing you are most self-conscious about]. Should I wait until I am not too [ thing you are most self-conscious about]?

No.Here’s the thing… I am a firm believer that you can love and celebrate your self without having to love every single thing about yourself. Before the photoshoot we’ll talk about your concerns. During the photoshoot we’ll focus on all the things you love and feel confident about. It’s all about positivity. The studio is a non-judgmental environment and a great place to challenge yourself.

 Will you retouch the photos?

Yes, light retouching. However, retouching is the last resort. During your shoot I will take special care to use the proper lighting and pose you in flattering poses so that we don’t won’t have much retouching to do.

I am intrigued by the idea of a boudoir photoshoot but I have no one to give them to… is boudoir for me?

ABSOLUTELY. I have more women book their photoshoot to celebrate themselves as opposed to doing it for someone else. I always say, the experience is for you. If you want to give the images to someone else that’s great but honestly the best person you could gift them to is yourself.

Outfits! What should I bring? Where do I buy them? How many can I wear during out shoot?

Don’t overthink the  outfits….this shoot is about you. if you love lingerie then great! If it’s not your thing then skip it. You have your own style and I want to reflect that in your photoshoot. We will chat about your style and I can suggest different outfits ideas. I also have a shoe collection and a few select wardrobe pieces at the studio that you can wear during your photoshoot. No reason to go out and buy 4″ stilettos that you will never wear again.  Once booked I’ll send you some outfit tips and ideas so that you feel prepared with your outfit selections/looks.

What age is best for a boudoir photoshoot… am I too old? 

I’ve photographed women of all ages! The average age of my clients is in their late 30’s… followed by women in their 40’s. The last few years have included numerous women in their 60’s and I can’t be more thrilled. Growing up, it wasn’t common for women to do photoshoots of themselves or hang a photo of themselves on the wall (gasp!). I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s becoming more acceptable to do these acts of self-love and I’m seeing that reflected in the ages of the women who are now coming to my studio. I couldn’t be happier!

I am not photogenic and take terrible photos. And I don’t know how to pose!

Not being photogenic is one of the most popular concerns that I hear from my clients before their shoot. You’ll see its a common theme in my Google Reviews left by past clients. The truth is, you are more photogenic than you think. Trust me to find the right lighting and angles for you. That is my job as a professional photographer. As for posing, that’s on me. I will guide you into each pose as needed throughout your entire shoot. I’ll even get down on the floor with you and demonstrate the poses!

Is Hair and Makeup included?

Yes! Professional makeup application and hair styling is included in your boudoir experience. Before makeup application my makeup artist will have a quick consultation with you about the look you are going for.

How much does the Experience cost? Are the images included? When do I get to see my photos?

The Session Fee for your Experience is $350 and includes professional hair & makeup application, unlimited number of outfit changes and two hours of photoshoot time. Digital files, albums and prints are not included in your Session Fee. I’ve set it up this way so that you have the option to buy as little or as much as you want.

You get to see your images at your Online Image Reveal & Purchasing Session appx. two weeks after your photoshoot. This is when you choose your favorites images and purchase your products. Album prices start at $1640 and include the web-optimized digital files of the images in your album. Here’s a little peek at the albums options as well some happy clients with their gorgeous albums. In addition to albums I also offer digital files and wall art. Payment plans can easily be made available to you, just ask!


I am concerned about privacy – will you put my photographs on the internet?

Not unless you give me permission to do so! Boudoir photography is intimate, private. I understand and respect that. If there are photographs that I want to share then you and I will discuss it after your shoot but NOTHING will be posted without your expressed written consent.

Where is your studio located?

The studio is located in historic downtown Salem, MA. It’s a private studio used solely by Jess (not a shared space). It’s bright and sunny with hardwood floors and 8 foot high windows.

This all looks great – I’m ready! How do I book?

Excellent! Fill out the form right below this post or via the Contact page. I will be in touch and we’ll start planning your shoot! I look forward to working with you!


Ready to book your shoot or have a general comment or question for me? Get in touch via the form below, I’d love to hear from you.

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