Your Album. The crowning jewel on an already amazing Fitness or Boudoir Photoshoot Experience.

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Your album is more than just a set of pictures. It’s a document that helps you tell your boudoir story. It’s you, sexy and confident and printed in the most gorgeous, archival-quality album designed to fit your personality and style.


Just about all of the ladies I photograph opt to purchase an album. This is because there is NOTHING like seeing your images in print. Ask anyone who has sat next to me and looked through their book for the first time. No other medium comes close. Your album is a cherished heirloom that will you look at over the years as a reminder of how brave you were and how sexy and beautiful you are (because let’s be real…. some days we just need a reminder, I know I do!).

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I want to point out that the best person to gift a boudoir album to is YOURSELF.  It’s a misconception that a boudoir album is only to be given to a partner/husband/fiance. I mean, that’s a nice sentiment and if you do that I’m sure they will be more than thrilled with your gift but really… this is an experience for YOU. The album is a moment of a time you took control and reclaimed that badass, sexy, beautiful [insert your vibe here] feeling!

Most of the albums you are seeing here were created by these women as gifts to themselves.

“You gave me confidence in myself, you taught me how awesome it is to truly
love yourself, 
and most importantly you gave ME a forever gift.”


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Over the years I’ve worked with ladies to figure out what they are looking for in an album. What I’ve come up with is variety, personalized style and high quality …and that’s how I came up with my three album choices:

The first of my offerings is my Little Black Book. This is an sexy little 8×8 book with a black cover and pretty ribbon closure. This book is perfect for your bedside table.little black book

My most popular album!! These beauties are 10×10 and hold a large number of your gorgeous images. I really love how the LUXE allows you to choose the cover material combination that best fits your personality and style. Choose your favorite leather style and accent it with a stripe of patterned leather or silk (or opt for a solid leather cover – classic!).

If you are one of those ladies who want the creme de la creme -or just can’t narrow your images down, then this is the album for you. This is the IMPACT Album and it includes even more of your favorite images plus the option of a solid leather cover or adding a metal image to your cover. A matching hard slipcover is included for privacy and storage of your beautiful album. This is the largest of my album collections and really allows you to tell your boudoir story in your own unique way. This album is especially great if you have a lot of outfits for your boudoir session or have opted to add on a themed look to your shoot.


The Little Black Book and the LUXE Album include the web-optimized digital files of the images you choose for your album. (Web-optimized images are the ones that you want to use as your phone background because you are going to look THAT. DAMN. GOOD. Fill up your camera roll so you can scroll through and enjoy yourself over and over! )

The IMPACT album includes a crystal USB drive with the web-optimized as well as the FULL-resolution files of the album images.

All purchased images are professionally retouched by me.
There is no minimum purchase, however the majority of my ladies choose to spend around 3200 on their final products.
You are absolutely worth it! Don’t ever doubt that.

Credit cards are accepted and if requested, payment plans can easily be made available upon request.

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