Is Boosting confidence over 40 really a thing? Heck yes! And by 40 I mean 40 and 50 and 60. Many of my current boudoir clients are over the age of 40 and come in to boost their confidence in a fun and empowering way. I’ve been photographing boudoir photography for over 10 years now and am THRILLED to see the tide turning and more women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s come in to celebrate themselves. For some women, the idea of a photoshoot is easier as we get older and for some it’s harder. Many of us have let go of those tough standards we may have placed upon ourselves when we were younger. As we age, we mature into who we are and that should be celebrated!

Boosting confidence over 40

This gorgeous woman came in -probably the most nervous of anyone I’ve photographed before – and absolutely rocked her photoshoot. Even with all her nerves!  As the shoot progressed she became more comfortable. NERVES ARE NORMAL. Very rarely do I get anyone in my studio who walks in 100% comfortable and ready. She had the courage to book her shoot, came in and trusted me to guide her through.

Boosting confidence over 40

Boosting confidence over 40

She loved her images (how could she not?!) and when I delivered her Little Black Book I believe the quote was “she still can’t believe she did it!”.

Boosting confidence over 40 Because Boudoir is for Every Body. Every Age.

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