Meet Mrs. T.  Before her wedding, she came in to do a bridal boudoir photoshoot and create an amazing gift for her then husband to be. Mrs. T tells me he had no idea she was planning this, and that it was hands down the best wedding gift she could have given him.

Mrs. T was marrying a Harley man, so we made sure to incorporated some Harley gear into the session. She brought her favorite Harley tee, and paired it with some sexy heels, black panties, lots of sex appeal… and not much else.  Damn, girl.


This session then took a sweet and romantic turn – Mrs. T hadn’t planned on wearing a veil for her wedding, so she brought along her bridal flower crown to wear during her boudoir session. By keeping it simple in a set of classic white sheets, we really let her beauty shine through.

Boston-Bridal-Boudoir-Jess-MacDougall-Creative_0002 North-shore-Bridal-Boudoir-Jess-MacDougall-Creative_0004Her hair and makeup by the talented Kristina Makris of Flawless Makeup Company.

A beautiful woman deserves a beautiful engagement ring and Mr. T did not disappoint! This beautiful sapphire became the theme of the wedding with white and sapphire as her wedding colors. She even chose a white and sapphire color combination for her bridal boudoir album!Salem-Bridal-Boudoir-Jess-MacDougall-Creative_0005 Massachusetts-Bridal-Boudoir-Jess-MacDougall-Creative_0006 Boston-Bridal-Boudoir-Jess-MacDougall-Creative_0007

With the last set of photos we turned the heat way up. Mrs T put on an ultra sexy black Harley number, black leather boots and embraced her inner badass.. That couch was made for her. Seriously.

Boston-Bridal-Boudoir-Jess-MacDougall-Creative_0008 Boston-Bridal-Boudoir-Jess-MacDougall-Creative_0009

“My fiancé (now husband) had no idea that I was planning this – and it was the hands down the best wedding gift.
A photo-shoot with Jess is like a photo-shoot with a friend, I was super comfortable, relaxed, and completely trusted her advice and poses.
Jess is very warm and personable and doesn’t make anything over formal or intimidating.” 


Mrs. T eloped for her summer nuptials and then sailed around the British Virgin Islands with her new husband. I happen to know the man this beauty married, and he’s an absolute sweetheart. What a beautiful couple they are!


Mr. & Mrs. T, I wish you both the best in your new life together as husband and wife!


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