Lets talk about Before & After photographs.


The dreaded before photo. The photo that everyone thinks they don’t want to take. It’s you, au natural, sans-makeup and wearing the baggy clothes that I asked you to wear (to keep away strap marks and panty lines from your skin). Still looking beautiful, but not made up or how you typically look when you walk out the door. The before photo isn’t meant to make you look bad (and actually, when I snap this photo I do so in nice soft lighting). No, the purpose of a before images is to show you the clean slate version of you next to the glamorous photoshoot ready version of you.



I also think Before and After photos are a great way for me to show you that the women who grace my studio are just like you and me. They’re not professional models. Yet so many of the ladies who inquire about a photoshoot with me assume they are. You are going to be be lit perfectly, all dolled up by a professional makeup and hair artist, wearing a sexy or fun outfit and, most importantly, having fun. You too will look and feel like a model!

…the women who grace my studio are just like you and me.
They’re not professional models. 


When I’m chatting with a potential client I almost always hear, “I take terrible photos.”
No. You don’t.

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Trust the process. Trust my makeup artist. Trust me. Not only will you have a super fun time during your shoot but you will take AMAZING photos.


I also like to use Before & After images because so many of my boudoir & fitness ladies worry that they don’t know how to pose. My answer is always the same… Don’t worry!

Posing you is my job. I am here to coach you and show you how move your body into the poses that are going to make you look incredible. Poses that show off your body, your outfits, your personality. If you’ve shot with me then you know that I’ll be down on the floor with you showing you how to rock that pose.



Hair and makeup for all these lovely ladies was provided by Shannon Rouvel of Shannon Rouvel Makeup Artistry.
Makeup and hair artistry is included in all regular Boudoir and Fitness Sessions.



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