An album is the best way to display and enjoy the images from your photoshoot. And yes, I’m looking at you fitness photoshoot clients too! (I have plenty of fitness photoshoot clients who purchase albums – and yes, my male fitness clients often choose the album option too).


I offer three categories of Boudoir Albums/Fitness Albums. They are the Little Black Book, the Luxe Album and the Impact Album.

Here is the Little Black Book pictured with an Impact Album:

Please refer back to your Boudoir/Fitness magazine pdf for pricing and option details. Once you’ve decided on which album you would like to purchase then you get to select the perfect cover material & color that best fits your vibe.


I offer both leather and vegan leather options ( <– click on the links to see the swatches) for my Luxe and Impact Albums. You can choose just the one solid cover or add an accent stripe, or black ribbon closer for extra oomph and personality. The Little Black Book comes with a black cover (vegan leather – it’s amazing believe me) and a black ribbon closure.  There are no other color/accent stripe option’s for the LBB.

The brown and gold leather options are super popular and for good reason! Corruption (top left in the grid below) has a soft feel and is a black and gold textured leather, while colors like Bronze Age (bottom left) and Golden Opportunity (bottom right accent stripe material) have a smooth classic leather feel. Both of those have a slightly metallic shine to them. Biker Chic is one of my most popular album cover materials (top right in the grid below) and has a distressed matte dark brown almost black cover to it.

Boudoir Albums Leather Cover Options

Also popular are the patterned leathers like Ludicrous (pictured below on an Impact album with metal image cover + privacy slipcover), Chyna (the white version of Ludicrous) and Shameless (Luxe album pictured below with gray accent stripe). Ludicrous and Chyna are matte leathers while Shameless has a iridescent silver sheen to it.

For classic leather with some color punch there is Elderberry (pictured below and it looks like it sounds!), Wedgewood (pictured below with a Golden Opportunity accent stripe). Other colorful leathers include Rosthchild which is a distressed burgundy leather and River Deep which is a dark navy blue that is almost but not quite black.


Of course, you can never go wrong with classic black. Miami Ink (pictured below) is a smooth, slightly pebbled leather with a supple texture. Very popular.



These albums are truly amazing. They are archival quality albums. The classic leather has a traditional pebble texture to it. It’s super soft and the color is wonderfully pigmented. You can see the texture in the image to the right. The pages of the Luxe and Impact albums are thick with sharp corners and modern flat spine.

These are ‘creased’ albums, not cut, and the crease has pretty much no effect on the impact of your images. Those single image two page spreads are to die for and included in every album regardless of what size you choose (pictured here is an album stack (she purchased a his & hers set) with the Luxe album on top and the LBB on the bottom)..

It’s not only the outside of the album that is amazing. I’d say the insides are even more gorgeous! All album spreads are designed by me and I work hard to create spreads that tell your story in a way that flows and speaks to you. Some images are black & white, some are in color. We’ll decide that together during your Image Reveal Session.

fitness boston photographer


Ready to see more? Click here no really, click on that link because there are so many gorgeous albums ahhhhhh! I love them all. I’ve looooved the colors that have been chosen over the years and can’t wait to see which one you choose! If you have any questions on any of the album, materials or options just reach out to me and I can provide you with answers.

Now let’s get into the studio so we can get starting on creating your gorgeous album!


Haven’t booked your Boudoir or Fitness Photoshoot yet? Reach out to me asap and we can set up a quick, no commitment telephone call so I can answer all of your questions.


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